Ensure worker safety and improve production methods

Monitoring machinery and operators in the tunnel

Your context

You are the director of a Tunnel project and wish to bolster construction site safety and improve production methods, to secure site schedules (digging, voussoir arch placement, apron installation, etc.).

A solution dedicated to the operational challenges of a tunnel project

Accurate location of all used resources

Tunnel plans are integrated

Work areas are pinpointed

Localisation du matériel et des engins disponibles

System dedicated to operator safety

Instant staff numbers on site in the event of emergency evacuation

Location of isolated workers

Shelter occupancy rate in the event of a fire

Location of safety equipment (safety crate, self-rescue masks)

Work sequence measurements

History of operating hours & which tools/machinery were moved

Time needed to complete an operation

Repository of tunnel-specific indicators

Indicators and functionalities for each use

  • Worker safety
  • Monitoring machinery

Functionality examples

  • Operator location every 2 minutes, with 5-meter accuracy within the tunnel and other circulation areas
  • Counting: done by zone and by company, in real time
  • Intrusion alert in restricted access areas
  • Shelter occupancy rate
  • Equipment whose conformity is soon to expire

Functionality examples

  • Comparative operating time for machinery
  • Time spent in each zone (production/inspection)
  • Work sequence details
  • Changes in resource availability and consistency with the set plan
  • Availability rate and identification of any under- or over-capacity

Indoor geolocation: Accuracy and flexibility

Mesh network: An autonomous, wireless technology that is quick to roll out

Wireless mesh networks make geolocation easier and more accessible on construction sites, compared to other technologies (RFID, UWB, RF, etc.)

Advantages to this technology:

  • Locations throughout the entire site
  • No antenna or gates
  • No power source required for the anchors
  • Network can be extended within less than an hour
  • Two-way and multi-usage network

[Ebook] "How to equip a close environment with a geolocation system?"​

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Please contact us for a presentation!