Management of construction projects

Secure schedules and improve your productivity

Three major issues addressed by My Omniscient

planifier budget

Plan the budget and production time for future projects


Optimising equipment rental and investment costs

respect delai

Respecting the delivery time of a construction

Leverage data to optimise your costs, secure schedules and anticipate risks

A personalized cockpit

List of resources deployed on your site

Search by family and by characteristic

Integration of your site plans

Geofencing of the different zones

Breakdown of resources deployed

Updated inventory status day by day (by type of equipment)

Precise position of each piece of equipment on the site

Real-time resource counter per zone

Decision support support

Dashboards and site performance report

Library of indicators: Evolution of workforce, production time, adequacy of resources/planning

The benefits of the solution

Anticipating the need for material and human resources

React in time in case of drifts

Optimising material investment costs


Request a demo or contact us for further information


Request a demo or contact us for further information