IoT project: from PoC to industrialisation, how to ensure a proper touchdown?

Challenges and successes: the realities of real-scale roll-out in the construction industry

Video : from PoC to industrialisation - IoT project in Construction industry


Nicolas Lemaire

CEO – Omniscient

Jacques Le Conte

CEO – Kuzzle


What good practices exist to ensure a smooth transition from PoC to large-scale roll-out?

Nicolas Lemaire, co-founder of Omniscient, and Jacques Le Conte, CEO of Kuzzle, have shared their valuable feedback after working for a leader in the construction industry.

This 45-minute fact-filled testimony will teach you:

  • The main phases of an IoT project in the field of construction
  • Proper PoC practices
  • How to convince prior to large-scale roll-out
  • Reality Check: challenges and successes

Watch on the webinar [French version]