Cse study- Bouygues Construction Matériel

case study - bouygues construction materiel

Formworks, consoles, bungalows and tower cranes : fleet equipment monitoring for a global construction group

20 000 equipment are connected on its entire french fleet

Project’s context & goals


Geographic area

+1000 sites in France / United Kingdom / Switzerland and 5 warehouses



Bouygues Construction Matériel – the operations and formwork departments



Remote real-time management and optimization for +20 000  equipments

Client context

Bouygues Construction Matériel is embarking on the deployment of a major IoT project supported by the operations and formwork departments. In charge of managing the group’s entire fleet of equipment, Bouygues Construction Matériel must ensure that each site is equipped with compliant equipment, in good working order, and that this is made available on time; as there are dozens of thousands of pieces of equipment to maintain and distribute every day on all construction sites in France.

Its entire French fleet of bungalows and consoles, on the main components of the tower cranes and on the new B20 formwork will be connected.

This large-scale project involves around a hundred employees, assigned to monitoring the equipment on more than a thousand sites, spread over 5 warehouses.

This represents the installation of Abeeway sensors on more than 20,000 pieces of equipment and millions of GPS data to be processed.

Client testimony

Patrick N’Kodia


Bouygues Construction Matériel

Through this collaboration, I wanted the managers of Bouygues Construction Matériel to focus on their added value without spreading themselves too thin, i.e. to build the best operational specifications and determine the expected return on investment to make the approach profitable, while leaving the choice and the upgrading of the technological solutions best suited to the target to the Omniscient teams, whose recognized expertise and daily mastery of this ecosystem are key.  […]

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